Students of Elementary Education Study Program at Nusa Putra University Successfully Organize Art Performance

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Students of the Elementary Education Study Program at Nusa Putra University successfully organized the PGSD Art Performance Exhibition held at the UNP Auditorium on Wednesday (17/1).

The event, themed “Melodi Alam: Art Performance for the Earth,” successfully captivated the attention of the invited guests. Various forms of creativity, from dance performances to music and drama, were showcased by the students of PGSD at Nusa Putra University.

Dinda Andiana, the event promoter, said it’s the first major event. Previously, the Art Performance Exhibition was only held during the final semester exams for students.

“This is the outcome of the Arts Learning course, which I happen to teach. This annual routine has been established, where in previous years, the performance was solely carried out by students enrolled in my course. However, this year the art performance was expanded and all PGSD students from the 2021-2023 cohorts were required to showcase their creativity. The event was held on a larger scale in the auditorium,” she explained.

The performances included various forms of art, including dance, music, and drama. Additionally, the students showcased dances from Papua.

“Our students come from diverse backgrounds, not just from West Java, but also from outside Java, such as Papua and Nias, and they successfully showcased the unique dances from their respective regions,” she added.

She hoped that through this event, students would not only be able to showcase various forms of creativity and learn about the diversity of cultures in Indonesia but also implement these activities when they become teachers in the future.

“Elementary school teachers are not only required to provide academic knowledge but also to be creative in the fields of dance, music, and drama because they will eventually teach these to their students in the future,” she concluded.