Faculty Engineering, Computer and Design (FECD)

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Mechanical Engineering of Nusa Putra University develops a branch-based discipline of mechanical engineering science with an emphasis on the scientific branches of design, manufacturing and energy conversion.

Electrical Engineering is a scientific discipline that studies the design and analysis of electronic equipment for a particular task, and its use as electronic circuit devices or modules forming larger systems so that they are able to carry out difficult tasks.

The Civil Engineering Undergraduate Study Program (S1) at Nusa Putra University prepares students to work in transportation planning, roads, design, construction, and management projects that require civil engineers.

students to study the scope of disciplines, processes, techniques and tools needed in building computer-based systems.

The increasing need for Information Technology for the Business world in the millennial era is a challenge for the Information Systems Undergraduate Study Program to continue to produce competent Computer Scholars who are able to compete at the International level. 

The Visual Communication Design (DKV) study program brings together art and technology in a design process.

Information Technology industry, through its two concentrations (majors) offered which are Artificial Intelligence and Cybersecurity.