Dr. H. Kurniawan, ST., M.Si., MM.​

Rector Nusa Putra University

“Nusa Putra University was founded as the result of Idealism which translated with concrete moral struggle continuously to perfect the morals towards the civil society, which translated into Divine Love, Parental Love and love for each other.”

Nusa putra Scholars

Carrying and formulating ideas in a mature form and keep consistent way to answer the challenges of the times, becoming a pillar of change by placing Nusa Putra University as the best growth driver of the human race who mastered science, science and technology wisely in global relations today and futures. Being a big house for gathering, learning and discussion between generations, building a community where births of leaders are alert and foursome, creative finding new ideas, innovative in living life and consistent with noble ideals to maintain perfection.

Building a strong generation is indeed not easy for Nusa Putra University to seriously overcome the deficiencies of human resources, learning models, learning facilities and learning convenience. to collaborate in a global professional and academic networks, to prepare a generation that is ready to compete in today’s global community.

For this reason, we continue to innovate to bring the best programs such as Certification of Skills, Study Exchange, Internship programe and Global Recearch. Indeed, we are here for today’s generation and to be the imagination of future generations, Nusa Putra exists not only for the citizens of Nusa Putra, but also for the nation and people throughout the world. Departing from that, of course we will continue to strive to provide the best work by creating quality education. Globaly. Thus from our congratulations on joining the big family of ”GENUSIAN” (the generation of Nusa Putra with knowledge and faith) to be part of the change movement