From National Team Player, Now Officially Joined Japanese Club

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Helsya Maeisyaroh finally has become part of the Indonesian Women’s National Team. Officially, she has joined FC Ryukyu Ladies, a Club Japan for Women, for the 2024 season.

She is a recipient of the 1000 Anak Negeri scholarship in the Athlete category and is currently in her second semester studying management at Nusa Putra University.

Previously, Helsya played as a midfielder for Persis Solo Women. However, with her move to FC Ryukyu Ladies, she is rumored to play as a winger or wing forward.

This demonstrates Helsya’s flexibility and remarkable ability to play in various positions on the field.

Helsya Maeisyaroh feels very proud to have the opportunity to play football abroad. She expressed that this experience will provide her with a lot of learning and growth in her career as a professional footballer.

“I’m definitely very proud because I can play abroad, and I won’t waste this opportunity. I will work hard to become a professional footballer,” she said enthusiastically.

Furthermore, the FC Ryukyu Ladies footballer also delivered an inspirational message to fellow students at Nusa Putra University, especially those with the same interest and hobby, urging them never to tire of practicing and always to believe in the process.

“Yes, for my friends, especially those who share my interest and talent in football, never tire of training and always believe in the process.”

Meanwhile, Gia Yosep Gunawan, head of the Student Creativity and Activity Unit (SCAU) at Nusa Putra University, gave a positive response to the news of her student.

According to him, Helsya is one of Nusa Putra’s students who receives an athlete scholarship. Gia also stated that Nusa Putra appreciates the achievements Helsya has accomplished.

“Nusa Putra appreciates Helsya Maeisyaroh, our female footballer scholarship recipient, who has joined a Japanese club for a better career.”