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Welcome to

Nusa Putra University

We are a community of globally thinking scholars with a vision of creating value for the community and stakeholders. Our goal is to build a society based on trust and mutual respect. We invite you to join us in building your future through experiencing and sharing the multicultural educational value. 

Nusa putra Scholars

Nusa Putra University

Since its establishment in 2002, Nusa Putra has transformed itself into an educational institution that continues to grow in terms of quantity and quality. Trusted by more several thousand students and alumni spread across various occupational professions

Our Values

Nusa Putra University has noble values and manifesto in its effort to achieve its vision and mission. These values are called the Nusa Putra Trilogy which must be upheld and become part of the lives of all Nusa Putra people.

Our campus

Nusa Putra University is located in Sukabumi, Indonesia, West Java. It has a beautiful campus, that is also easy to access and comfortable for students enhancment

Recognition & Collaboration

Gain the skills and knowledge you need for your career, now and into the future.

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