Vision & Mission

We are a community of global thinking scholars. Our goal is to create intelligent, creative, innovative and religious people who are strong for a better future of the world


To become a superior National educational institutions in 2030 and to become of the world class’s University in 2045 for science technology and society which is tough as the spearhead to produce human resources who smart, creative, innovative and religious.


  1. Advancing science and technology through superior and high quality education, teaching and learning
  2. Advancing science and technology, through high quality and superior study, research, publication and patenting and research results.
  3. Advancing science and technology, which is able to provide superior and high quality answers the problems and challenges of society.
  4. Developing a strong and innovative organization by optimally utilizing potential resources so that it can be contribute in educating the life of the nation.
  5. Encouraging the growth of mastery of science and technology in Indonesia to create national independence.