Nusa Putra Sukabumi University Sends Off 11 PMM Students

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Nusa Putra University Sends 11 Students Off for 4th PMM Wave, Accompanied by Vice Rector III and PMM Coordinator.

Adhitia Erfina stated, “We’ve organized the 4th wave of PMM, selecting 11 students from various programs to participate.”

These 11 students will attend lectures and activities called “Nusantara Modules” at eight universities outside of Java, as determined by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology.

UNP places students at Tadulako, UNC, Sam Ratulangi, Sriwijaya, Warmadewa, Syiah Kuala, Bengkulu Muhammadiyah, and Aceh Muhammadiyah University.

“Lectures start in the second semester of 2023/2024, with some students leaving for Palembang and Kupang,” she said.

And she also hoped that the program would run smoothly until the students returned to UNP and that all activities could proceed well with satisfactory results.

Meanwhile, Muhamad Muslih, the Vice Rector III, advised students to uphold UNP’s reputation and excel in all activities of the 4th wave of the PMM program in 2024.

“We hope they uphold our university’s reputation during PMM. They must fully participate in all activities or teaching methods there. So, They should avoid laziness and actively engage in all activities,” he emphasized.

The university will assist 4th PMM wave participants, aiding communication and coordination with recipient universities.

On a separate note, Galuh Ratna Putri, one of the selected students, expressed her pride in being chosen. For her, this is an unforgettable first experience.

The PMM program from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbudristek) is of interest to Galuh, a 6th-semester student in the Law Program.

“At first, I often searched for information about the MBKM program, and there is this PMM program, a student exchange to outside Java. I could learn new cultures. Alhamdulillah, I passed the selection, glad to participate,” she explained.

Galuh is preparing research on the courses available at Nusa Cendana University, where she will be placed.

“I plan to take courses that are not available at Nusa Putra. I hope the activities go smoothly and successfully from departure to return. Therefore, my target is to attend lectures well, gain a lot of knowledge, and achieve satisfactory results,” she concluded.