Nusa Putra Officially Receives AQAS International Accreditation Certificate from Germany

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Nusa Putra University officially received an international accreditation certificate from the international accreditation agency from Germany, AQAS. The accreditation certificate was handed over directly by the Managing Director of AQAS Doriss Hermann to the Chancellor of Nusa Putra, Dr. Kurniawan at the AQAS International Conference at The Sultan Hotel and Residence Jakarta on Wednesday (12/07/2023).

The accreditation certificate is given to study programs (Prodi) that are members of the Nusa Putra business and humanities cluster, namely the Law, Management, and Accounting Study Program. This international accreditation was achieved after the Study Programs belonging to the cluster succeeded in fulfilling all international accreditation criteria and participated in a field assessment conducted by experts from various countries some time ago.


In his remarks, the Rector of Nusa Putra, Dr. Kurniawan admitted that he was grateful and happy with the achievement of this international accreditation. According to him, this shows that the international world’s recognition of the campus is very good.

“We are grateful and very happy, today we received this international accreditation certificate as proof that the hard work of our team and the entire Nusa Putra academic community has received good recognition from the international community,” said Dr. Kurniawan.

more Dr. Kurniawan explained the international accreditation certificate he received this time was for one of the study program clusters on his campus. He said accreditation certificates for the other two clusters would be received soon.

“All study programs in the three clusters in Nusa Putra have been accredited by AQAS, which is now being accepted for the Business and Humanities cluster, while for the Engineering cluster and the computer cluster and design, certificates will be submitted by AQAS shortly,” added Dr. Kurniawan.

Meanwhile, AQAS Managing Director Doriss Hermann expressed his appreciation to Nusa Putra University. According to him, AQAS assesses that this campus has good positive ambitions to become a world-class campus.

“The enthusiasm of the good lecturers and education staff supports academic quality so that this campus can face challenges as a world-class campus in the future,” he said.

In addition to handing over accreditation certificates, the AQAS International Conference event was filled with presentations by several experts on strategies to improve the quality of higher education which were attended by hundreds of public and private universities in Indonesia. ()*