Bina Insani University Conducts International Program Exchange Visit to Nusa Putra University

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In order to establish cooperation and improve the quality of educational services, Bina Insani University Bekasi conducted a study visit to Nusa Putra University.

The academic visit, led by Bina Insani’s Rector, Dr. Indra Muis, S.S., M.M., accompanied by the university’s leadership team and members of the Bina Insani Foundation, was welcomed by the Rector of Nusa Putra University and his team on January 24, 2024.

The Rector of Bina Insani stated that the purpose of their visit to Nusa Putra was primarily to conduct a study visit, especially regarding Nusa Putra’s success in implementing international programs.

“Our visit this time aims to foster relationships and learn from Nusa Putra. Despite being young, Nusa Putra has excelled in international programs and earned international accreditation.,” said the Rector of Bina Insani in his speech.

Furthermore, the Rector of Bina Insani mentioned that they also explored collaboration in various academic activities such as research, publications, and others.

“Hopefully, we can also collaborate in various other academic activities such as international conferences, publications, and others,” he added.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kurniawan, the Rector of Nusa Putra University, appreciated Bina Insani University’s visit, emphasizing Nusa Putra’s commitment to collaboration for enhancing education quality.

He also expressed readiness to share experiences, especially in managing international programs and accreditation.

“We warmly welcome the presence of the Rector of Bina Insani and his team. Nusa Putra is always open to collaboration and sharing experiences.

We have advantages in the international field, and on the other hand, we can also learn how Bina Insani builds its quality,” said the Rector of Nusa Putra.

The academic visit was also attended by Deans, Directors, and Heads of Departments from both universities. The visit ended with the signing of agreements for collaboration between the universities to enhance their quality and progress.