7 Nusa Putra Students Study Dual Degree Programs in South Korea

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Nusa Putra University offers seven students the opportunity to pursue a Dual Degree at the University of Gyeongnam Namhae in South Korea. They will undertake their studies for two years in South Korea.

Before departing for South Korea on March 4, 2024, the Nusa Putra University students were specially invited by the Regent of Sukabumi, Marwan Hamami, to the Pendopo Sukabumi on February 21, 2024. The Regent urged the young people of Sukabumi to strive for experiences in South Korea through this program.

“They must struggle there. Besides studying, they should seek as much experience as possible,” said Marwan Hamami as quoted in the press release from Nusa Putra University.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Muslih, the Vice Rector III of Nusa Putra University for Student Affairs, Cooperation, and Alumni, who attended the farewell and briefing event, explained that this program is excellent for students. In addition to gaining learning experiences abroad at the University of Gyeongnam Namhae in South Korea, they also receive two other benefits.

“They will receive a degree from the University of Gyeongnam Namhae and the Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka Recognition upon completing their studies at Nusa Putra University, allowing students to have two degrees simultaneously,” explained Muslih.

Representing the Government of Gyeongsan Namdo Province in South Korea, Mr. Noh Chang Dong expressed his delight with the enthusiasm of the young people from Sukabumi Regency to obtain this scholarship. “They are the first to receive this opportunity and will receive free facilities during their studies at the University of Gyeongnam Namhae in South Korea,” he explained.

Dea S Putri, one of the seven Nusa Putra University students who will study in South Korea, expressed gratitude for receiving this scholarship opportunity. “The decision to go to South Korea is a determination to achieve success in the future,” she explained. (adv)