Thousands of Nusa Putra Students Attend the RI Anniversary Ceremony

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Thousands of students and academics at Nusa Putra University took part in a ceremony commemorating the seconds of the proclamation in commemoration of the 78th Birthday (HUT) of the Republic of Indonesia at the Nusa Putra campus field, Cibolang, Cisaat Sukabumi, Thursday (17/8/2023) yesterday.

Acting as Inspector of Ceremonies, Rector of Nusa Putra Dr. Kurniawan in his address emphasized that the diversity of the campus must continue to be used as a spirit to fill independence. According to him, diversity is the main capital of the Indonesian nation.

“We should be grateful for the diversity that exists on our campus, this is a field for us to actualize caring for diversity as the main capital of this nation,” he said.

The Chancellor also said the importance of commemorating this independence day as an occasion to remember identity and identity as a nation struggling for independence.

“As a nation, we have continued and will continue to struggle. In the past, our heroes fought to liberate the nation, now we are struggling to fill independence with works that are useful for the nation and the world,” he said.

During the ceremony, the troops raising the Nusa Putra red and white flag were carried out by students from various provinces in Indonesia.

The excitement of commemorating the 78th Indonesian Independence Day in Nusa Putra was continued with performances of traditional songs and dances by students from various regions in the archipelago.