Nusa Putra Establishes Student Exchange Collaboration with ETH Zurich Switzerland

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Nusa Putra University is again developing international collaboration with one of the leading universities in Switzerland, ETH Zurich. This collaboration focuses on student exchange programs between the two universities. This was conveyed by Deputy Chancellor III Nusa Putra Muhammad Muslih during his visit to ETH Zurich University some time ago.

Deputy Chancellor III Nusa Putra Muhammad Muslih also continued that his party had started student exchange collaboration through the International Student Exchange program, according to him, this was done to make the Independent Campus Learning Program (MBKM) a success. Apart from that, he also said that this collaboration would be a good opportunity for Nusa Putra students to study abroad.

“This will open up opportunities for students from both universities to undergo an academic exchange semester abroad, broaden their horizons, and deepen cross-cultural understanding,” added Muhammad Muslih.

Muslih further said that Nusa Putra University has consistently carried out international collaboration with campuses in various countries. This is done to facilitate Nusa Putra students to be able to study abroad easily so that they can get a good learning experience at a world-renowned campus.

“We already have a lot of collaboration with campuses abroad. So our students can study at this campus with various schemes. “There are in Turkey, Korea, Taiwan, Germany, France and several other countries,” he added.

Soon, continued Muhammad Muslih, and his party will send Nusa Putra students to do student exchanges in Switzerland. On the other hand, the campus has also received many students from several countries who do student exchanges and internships.

“I think this is a good step, hopefully, this collaboration can enrich the experience of Nusa Putra students and of course, they can become quality graduates in the future,” concluded Muslih.