European Class Laboratory Standardization, Nusa Putra Visits Koblenz University of Applied Sciences in Germany

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To improve the quality of the laboratory, Nusa Putra conducted benchmarking at the Kolbenz University of Applied Sciences in Koblenz City, Germany on Thursday, October 5, 2023.

The group, which was led directly by the Chancellor of Nusa Putra, arrived in Koblenz and was greeted directly by the International Director and professors at the technology campus.

In this Benchmark, the main focus is on engineering laboratories which will later be used as a reference by the Nusa Putra Engineering Faculty in developing their laboratories to European standards.

Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Ir. Paikun said that his party wanted to ensure that the laboratory in Nusa Putra and its future development complied with European standards.

“Today we are aligning the concept of engineering laboratories between those in Nusa Putra and those in Koblenz, Germany. We see that most of the facilities in Koblenz are the same as those in ours, but of course, there are several things that we need to improve,” he said.

In the future, continued Ir Paikun, Koblenz University will also support Nusa Putra both in terms of Staff Exchange and knowledge sharing regarding the development of the lab.

“We hope that this collaboration can have a positive impact on Nusa Putra, which is currently focusing on maintaining quality,” he added.

Not only visiting Germany, but the Nusa Putra group will also go to several other countries in Europe such as the Netherlands, France , and Belgium.