Bachelor of Elementary School Teacher Education Program (PGSD) at Nusa Putra University Reaccredited

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Nusa Putra University’s Elementary School Teacher Education Program (PGSD) underwent reaccreditation by the Independent Accreditation Agency for Education on February 16-17, 2024.

The reaccreditation was conducted in accordance with Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Regulation Number 32 of 2016, which stipulates that the accreditation process is carried out through independent accreditation agencies, one of which is LAMDIK.

Teddy Lesmana, the Dean of the Faculty of Business, Law, and Education at UNP CSA, stated that the PGSD Program had previously undergone reaccreditation by BAN PT. He clarified that they conducted this activity to demonstrate the criteria for quality education based on qualitative data.

Therefore, the PGSD Program at UNP underwent the reaccreditation process by LAMDIK on February 16-17, 2024, at the UNP Campus, Jalan Raya Cibolang, Cisaat, Sukabumi Regency.

“The PGSD Program Reaccreditation process took place over two days. Previously, it had received accreditation from BAN-PT and is now undergoing reaccreditation by LAMDIK, in accordance with Ministerial Regulation No. 32 of 2016,” Teddy explained to Radar Sukabumi, on Wednesday (21/2).

The reaccreditation process was tense, requiring qualitative and quantitative evidence that meets the criteria for education.

“He added that the reaccreditation process has the potential to yield positive results in developing the institution and the academic community,” he added.

Therefore, Teddy highly appreciated the PGSD Program, the Internal Quality Assurance System Team (SPMI), students, stakeholders, and alumni for their contributions to the reaccreditation.

As well as the Quality Assurance Unit Team at Nusa Putra University, which also played a role in preparing documents according to the standards set by LAMDIK to fulfill the required documents in the process of implementing the PGSD reaccreditation.

The Secretary of the PGSD Program, Joko Suprapmanto, revealed that the extraordinary support system from various parties helped in successfully completing the reaccreditation process.

“The PGSD reaccreditation process involved discussions, classroom observations, learning spaces, laboratories, and libraries,” he concluded.