Presenting Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno, Nusa Putra Accounting Study Program Successfully Held The Second Year National Seminar

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The Accounting Study Program of Nusa Putra University successfully held the National Seminar on Economics and Accounting for the second time on Thursday, June 30, 2022. The national seminar conducted in a hybrid (online and offline) presented well-known speakers such as the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno, CEO of Zahir Internasional Muhammad Ismail, and academician at the State Polytechnic of Malang Dr. Ari Kamayanti.

The event launched by Vice-Rector III of Nusa Putra University Muhamad Muslih brought the theme “Optimizing the Role of Accountants in Contriving Strategies For The Financial Sector and Creative Economy in the Digital World.” He said, “National Seminar on Economics and Accounting is an opportunity to exchange research results for the implementation of economic and accounting sectors.” 

“This is certainly a good and strategic event to exchange knowledge and the latest research results so that they can later be applied in the economic and accounting sectors,” said Muhamad Muslih.

Meanwhile, Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Sandiaga Uno was virtually present at the event and said that Indonesia has enormous digital economic potential, which we can verify the number of internet users who reached 77.2% of the total population in Indonesia. 

“This makes Indonesian people play an important role in technological development from the 4.0 to 5.0 era,” said Sandi.

Therefore, he mentioned, “The development must also be followed by improving the quality of management and financial strategies in the accounting recording process. According to Sandi, the creative economy sector requires accountants to encourage the simplification of accounting and digitalization processes. 

“This will encourage all parties to use digital applications in the accounting process to facilitate reporting and decision making,” he said.

The Advantage of Digital Innovation, Creation, and Certification

Zahir Internasional CEO Muhamad Ismail was the second speaker at the event and emphasized the importance of Digital Innovation, Creation, and Competency Certification. According to him, professional certification can later be beneficial to obtain status carried out by professional organizations or professional licenses/registrations.

On the other hand, Muhamad Ismail stated that artificial intelligence, which is the process of simulating human intelligence by machines, particularly computer systems, can play an essential role in business by creating efficient value.

“Artificial Intelligence will generate effectiveness, so it will have a significance on improving profits,” he said

As stated by him, these essential aspects, such as business, artificial intelligence, and proficiency credential, are fundamental in the advancement of technology from the 4.0 to the 5.0 era.

“The accounting profession also certainly requires all of those because the system will nowadays transfer a part of the accounting recording process,” he explained.

National Seminar on Economics and Accounting 2022

Academician of State Polytechnic of Malang, Dr. Ari Kamayanti, spoke for the third session of the National Seminar on Economics and Accounting 2022 and said that accounting research is not only about finance According to her, but there are also many other things in accounting research such as positive thinking/accounting functionalists.

Furthermore, she said, other ways of thinking other than finance, such as interpretivism/constructivism, suggest the use of non-scientific qualitative methods to analyze human behavior.

“Accounting is broad, accounting can relate to things in our lives, so efforts are needed to develop a research paradigm,” she said.

When answering participants’ questions, Dr. Ari Kamayanti alluded that the more advanced accounting is going forward, the more sophisticated it will be. According to her, accounting is getting more revolutionary, and there are even discrepancies with its truth value.

“Therefore, it is necessary to develop paradigms that can play a role in maintaining accounting values,” she said.

National Seminar on Economics and Accounting 2022

Dozens of Papers Presented

The series of events at The National Seminar on Economics and Accounting 2022 ran smoothly and produced the latest research on economics and accounting. There were at least 80 papers presented at the national seminar.

The chairman of the event committee, Nur Alim Bahri, revealed that the dozens of papers presented at the national seminar emanated from students of Nusa Putra University and many other universities in Indonesia.

“We chose the best paper out of dozens of them, namely the paper by Rip’an Mukti from UIN Jakarta titled The Influence of Customer Relations and Entrepreneur Behavior on the Competitiveness of Four Star Hotels,” said Nur Alim Bahri in his announcement.

Nusa Putra University Accounting Study Program will keep conducting The National Seminar on Economics and Accounting annually. 

“See you at the next National Seminar on Economics and Accounting Year 2023, may the Indonesian economy be successful!” concluded Nur Alim Bahri. (*)