Collaborating with “Patriot Desa” (Village Patriot), Nusa Putra University Presented Ir. Tri Mumpuni, Discussing Village Potential

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SUKABUMI– Nusa Putra University collaborated with “Patriot Desa” (village patriot) of West Java assigned to Sukabumi Regency and held a workshop carrying out the theme “Developing Village Potential Through Pentahelix Collaboration.”

The workshop took place in the auditorium of Nusa Putra University, on Jl. Cisaat, Sukabumi Regency, attended by 144 participants, consisting of 11 village offices where the village patriot program located, 110 other village offices selected based on the mapping of the village development index, and 33 local activators of the patriot village program in 2022, also 27 services, institutions, business entities, and organizations were present at the workshop, Thursday (21/7/2022). 

The workshop held online and offline also presented the main speaker, Ir. Tri Mumpuni, a member of the Steering Committee of the National Research and Innovation Agency, regional assistant II for Economic Affairs, Sukabumi Regency, Ahmad Riyadi.

Senior Staff for Village Community Empowerment of the Patriot Desa Program for Sukabumi Regency Koko Muhamad said, “the workshop was held in collaboration with Nusa Putra University and 11 West Java Patriot Desa assigned to Sukabumi Regency.”

Koko explained, “Patriot Desa is one of the eminent programs of Community and Village Empowerment Service of West Java Province to implement the vision of West Java physically and mentally by focusing on the role of youth as a communicator, integrator, and accelerator, who support the formation of local village activators to manage the various potentials that exist in the village in the social, economic and environmental dimensions.”

“Under Law Number 6 of 2014 concerning villages, the purpose of village development is to improve the welfare through complying with basic needs, constructing village facilities and infrastructure, developing local economic potential, and utilizing natural resources and the environment sustainably. All of these cannot be done alone by the village office, for this collaboration is needed,” he said.”

For this reason, he expected the Pentahelix collaboration, which combines various elements such as academicians, entrepreneurs, communities, government, and media, to develop the potency of the villages in Sukabumi Regency.

“Hopefully, the potency of the village can be developed to improve village grade based on the Village Index Development,” said Koko.

Meanwhile, Kurniawan as the Rector of Nusa Putra University, in his remarks, said that he welcomed the collaboration between Nusa Putra University and Patriot Desa of West Java. He said that the first time Patriot Desa invited Nusa Putra University to conduct a workshop collaboration, he immediately responded because this was part of a common struggle.

“We are aware that the village is the spearhead for Indonesian development, and the village is the forerunner to building the state order. Of course, we are as academicians, we certainly try to contribute to helping villages in Sukabumi Regency,” he said while receiving a standing ovation from the workshop participants.

At that moment, Kurniawan also conveyed some of Nusa Putra University’s achievements in 2022. The first achievement is the Sukabumi Regent Scholarship Program which has been running for three years. Indeed, the Sukabumi Regent Scholarship program with Nusa Putra is an effort from Nusa Putra University to develop the village. 

“Alhamdulillah, hundreds of students have studied at Nusa Putra University through the selection of the Sukabumi Regent’s scholarship, where in the future, the scholarship graduates can develop their respective villages,” he explained.  

Not only advancing Sukabumi Regency in actualizing a developed Indonesia but also providing “Children of Nation Scholarship.” Then, in a recent Nusa Putra University research, as many as 21 lecturers received national competitive research and service grant from the Ministry of Education and Culture in 2022, the largest in West Java and Banten.

Further achievement is holding international conferences, Nusa Putra University has so far held international conferences in five fields, namely science, economics, social, and education, recognized by the world. Not just that, Nusa Putra University has 14 journals indexed nationally and internationally.

“Surely, these achievements are our efforts, apart from being the task of academicians, we also cooperate to advance our region to advance Indonesia, that innovation is necessary to improve our collective welfare economy,” he explained.

At the end of the workshop, he hoped that there would be innovations because it is necessary to improve the economy and our common welfare, naturally, which is also a shared responsibility. At this workshop, there were local government officials, village heads, patriots, academicians, and experts, and the media here too must spread good ideas and we are together for a developed Sukabumi. (*)