Collaborating with Goethe University Germany, Nusa Putra Develops an Innovative Learning Model

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To improve educational standards, Nusa Putra University visited Goethe University Germany to benchmark innovative learning models and the academic culture of this well-known campus in Europe. The Nusa Putra delegation led directly by the Chancellor of Nusa Putra, Dr. Kurniawan was welcomed by the director of Goethe University’s Global Office last week.

During the visit, the Chancellor of Nusa Putra, Dr. Kurniawan explained that Nusa Putra’s arrival at Goethe University was to realize the commitment that had been built, where Nusa Putra would adopt the best learning practices in Germany.

“We will adopt university management, effective teaching methods, and holistic academic assessment from Goethe University. “We hope that an academic environment will be created that can stimulate the intellectual growth and creativity of students and lecturers at Nusa Putra University in the future,” said Dr. Kurniawan.

Furthermore, the Chancellor of Nusa Putra also said that his party had brought along the Vice Chancellors in charge of academics, students, and resources so that they could immediately launch strategic programs after receiving an overview from Goethe University.

“I was accompanied by the Vice Chancellors so that I could take immediate action in launching strategic programs that we could adopt from Goethe University,” he said.

It is known that Nusa Putra University is one of the Indonesian private campuses that has achieved international accreditation. Nusa Putra received this title after passing an assessment from the German international accreditation agency AQAS.

“We have been internationally accredited by AQAS, of course, this predicate must continue to be accounted for, we continue to improve the quality of university management from various aspects by adapting programs from European campuses,” added Dr. Kurniawan.

Previously, the Nusa Putra delegation had visited several other European campuses such as Koblenz University of Applied Sciences in Germany, ETH Zurich in Switzerland, and Leiden University in the Netherlands.

“We will still visit several other campuses to see from different perspectives,” concluded Dr. Kurniawan. (*)