10 Countries Participated In The International Conference of Technology at Nusa Putra University

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SUKABUMI – Nusa Putra University held the 8th International Conference on Computing, Engineering, and Design (8th ICCED 2022) on Thursday, 28 July 2022, attended by hundreds of participants from various countries. At least participants from 10 countries participated in the event, including Malaysia, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Japan, Oman, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, and Indonesia.

General Chair of ICCED Prof. Teddy Mantoro revealed that this international conference carried the theme “Towards Multi-Disciplinary Research to Drive Technological Changes in the Global Community,” which received 190 papers from world researchers.

“ICCED is a place to generate the spirit of research collaboration in multi-disciplinary science that colors the technology improvement globally, as seen from the parallel session discussions by presenters who support sharing knowledge on technologies that are currently developing,” said Prof. Teddy Mantoro. 

Prof. Teddy Mantoro said, “Later, the selected papers presented will be published in the form of international proceedings on the IEEE X-plore portal indexed by SCOPUS.”

“We are grateful that the publications of this event are always indexed by SCOPUS, this shows that this event is excessively of high quality and high impact,” he said. 

Presenting World Experts as Speakers

Two world-class technology experts appeared as keynote speakers at this year’s ICCED event. Associate Professor Kevin Wong from Murdoch University (Australia), an Information Technology expert, and Dr. Deshinta Arrova Dewi from INTI Internasional (Malayasia), artificial intelligence and IoT expert.

In his presentation, Associate Professor Kevin Wong presented a material entitled “Digital Pathology Using Artificial Intelligence,” where AI is the key in today’s digital era.

In addition, Dr. Deshinta presented a topic entitled “Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and Smart Healthcare Systems,” which revealed the application of IoT in the health sector, which is currently remarkably essential to medical development.

Encouraging Research Productivity of Lecturers and Students

In his remarks, the Rector of Nusa Putra University, Dr. Kurniawan, said, “Nusa Putra University consistently encourages lecturers and researchers to produce research works in the form of high-quality journals and proceedings.” According to him, this ICCED activity is an outstanding event for lecturers to exhibit their works. 

“Scientific works produced by lecturers and students can be indexed at credible institutions such as SCOPUS. Thus, Nusa Putra University can be one of the research universities recognized internationally,” said Dr. Kurniawan.

He further said, “The research results of lecturers and students are certainly also expected to have a real impact and provide solutions to various problems of human life in all parts of the world.”

 “This research will certainly generate various innovations that provide solutions to various problems in human life,” he concluded.”