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The Bachelor Study Program (S1) in Civil Engineering at Nusa Putra University prepares students to work in the fields of transportation planning, roads as well as construction design and management in projects that require civil engineers. Graduates of the Civil Engineering Study Program serve the community through the application of knowledge and skills in planning, design, construction of facilities and infrastructure in various disciplines. Students in semester 5 are given the choice of emphasizing competence according to their interests and talents in the choice of deepening concentration in a more specific field. The concentrations offered are Transportation and Traffic and Structures. The deepening of this field is supported by various activities such as street vendors, internships, research and student exchanges.


To become a superior and innovative study program in the implementation of education in the civil sector that has competitiveness and techniques based on local wisdom values in the face of the global trade era in 2030.


  1. Organizing an education and teaching system in the field of civil engineering to develop science based on the transformation of the times, so as to be able to produce creative and innovative human resources.
  2. Carry out research to produce works that have high competitiveness both at the national and international levels by developing and integrating the scientific development of civil engineering to the values of local wisdom and national civilization.
  3. Disseminate research results in the form of applied technology that is able to compete globally and can provide benefits for improving people's lives.
  4. Implementation of community service programs based on information technology science by increasing public understanding of the importance of technology for life.
  5. Collaborating with various institutions both at home and abroad that have a significant impact on the progress of the institution.

Career Prospect of Graduates

After completing the Civil Engineering Bachelor Program, graduates can have a career as Geotechnical Engineer, Structural Engineer, Water Resource Engineer, Quality Control Engineer, Construction Consultant, Teacher & Researcher / Academician, BUMN Worker/Expertise, Government Worker/Expertise, Technopreneurship

Graduate Profile (GP)

The graduated profile of civil engineering is to become technopreneur, and academic accomplishment - academics and researchers