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Law Study Program of Nusa Putra University is a bachelor’s degree (S1) study program that organizes higher education in law to produce a professional and character Bachelor of Law (SH). The Nusa Putra University Law Study Program obtained an operational permit on February 8, 2018 along with the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Decree number: 108 / KPT / I / 2018 concerning the Change of the Nusa Putra Technology College to Nusa Putra University and was declared accredited by BAN-PT on January 10, 2018. Since the 2018-2019 academic year, the Nusa Putra University Law Study Program has begun accepting new students.

The Nusa Putra University Law Study Program focuses on developing student careers in the field of law. The curriculum is designed with a system of 2.5 years of study on campus and 1.5 years off campus which is taught by lecturers and
law practitioners in an interactive method. Thus, students of the Nusa Putra University Law Study Program will go through a learning process that integrates courses that emphasize theoretical and practical thinking patterns in order to be able to carry out the profession that will be carried out later after graduating from college.


To become a competitive and innovative world-class legal education institution in the field of research to produce intelligent and religious practitioners and law experts by 2043.


  1. Melenyenggarakan pendidikan dan pengajaran bidang ilmu hukum yang berkualitas ditunjang dengan substansi materi perkuliahan yang relevan dengan perkembangan jaman, sumber daya dosen yang handal dan berkualitas, serta sarana dan prasarana yang memadai.
  2. Menghasilkan penelitian-penelitian bidang ilmu hukum yang diakui secara nasional dan internasional.
  3. Melaksanakan kegiatan pengabdian kepada masyarakat dalam bentuk implementasi hasil penelitian bidang ilmu hukum yang dapat membantu masyarakat dalam mengatasi permasalahan yang berkaitan dengan hukum.
  4. Meningkatkan mutu pendidikan ilmu hukum melalui peningkatan kualitas pembelajaran untuk menghasilkan lulusan yang cerdas secara spiritual, emosional, intelektual dan professional di bidang keilmuan hukum.
  5. Menjalin berbagai kerjasama dengan berbagai pihak, baik lokal, nasional maupun internasional.

Career Prospect of Graduates

  • As Law Enforcers (Judges, Advocates, Prosecutors and Police)
  • Legal Consultant (Business, international relations, finance and others)
  • Legal Department in the Company (Legal Section, HRD, Cooperation Section and others)
  • Notary and PPAT Intellectual Property Consultant
  • Workers in the Public Sector (executive, legislative, and judicial sectors). Local Government and many more.

Graduate Profile

Graduates in the Legal Studies Program are expected to have professional abilities in:

  • Mastery of the Indonesian legal order specifically as well as ASEAN and international law in general
  • Conducting research in the field of law for academic and practical purposes
  • Provide legal opinion (legal opinion) regarding the law that is effective and efficient to clients
  • Make a business contract
  • Carry out legal due diligence, especially those related to business law
  • Representing clients to appear in court proceedings and arbitrations and to carry out related legal actions
  • Become an entrepreneur who masters business law (lawyerpreneur)
  • Mastering foreign languages, especially English in a professional manner in a legal context