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The Management Study Program is one of the study programs under the Faculty of Business and Humanities, Nusa Putra University. Established on February 2, 2018, the Management Study Program is one of the favorite study programs at Nusa Putra University. The existence of global challenges and the dynamism of life today makes the Management Study Program the first step in achieving the future economy and business. This study program will provide you with a deeper understanding of being an innovative and excellent leader. Equipped with professional teachers and various activities that support creating an excellent academic and practical atmosphere, the Management Study Program strives to answer future challenges. The dynamic Management Study Program provides practical and theoretical knowledge of real-world business challenges, including management and business research and applying theory to equip students with in-depth expertise in
the desired field of study. This program offers broad insights into the field of management and business that will help students qualify as qualified leaders


To become a national standard educational institution in 2020 and world-class in 2035 in science, technology, and social, healthy as the spearhead to produce intelligent, creative, innovative, and religious Human Resources


  1. Promote excellent and high-quality science and teaching and learning.
  2. Advancing science and technology through study, research, publication, and patenting of excellent and high-quality research results.
  3. Advancing science and technology, problems and challenges of excellent and high-quality society.
  4. Developing a strong and innovative organization by optimally utilizing potential resources to contribute to the nation and the State’s intellectual life.
  5. Encouraging the growth of the ability to master science and technology in Indonesia for the sake of creating national independence.

Career Prospect of Graduates

Graduates in the Management Study Program are expected to have professional abilities in:

  • Sales Manager: Conduct business environment analysis, Prepare company marketing elements, Prepare sales plan, Prepare account management plan, Implement coaching and counseling for sales personnel;
  • Service Manager: Conducting business environment analysis, Developing company marketing elements, Managing customer loyalty programs, Managing the moment of truth;
  • Brand Manager: Analyzing the business environment, Preparing the company's marketing elements, Managing the service environment, Developing a marketing plan;
  • Entrepreneurs (national and international): Identify business opportunities, design activities and operationalize business activities.