The development of science and technology and the dynamics of the field of management and business require the existence of human resources who are innovative and superior and have competitiveness. The Management Study Program is here to answer various future challenges that require theoretical and practical skills in solving management and business problems.

The Management Study Program applies the Tri Dharma of Higher Education in collaboration with the concept of the Nusa Putra Trilogy, which is expected to form the Nusa Putra Berlian (Genusian) Generation in the fields of management and business. The Nusa Putra University Management Studies Program is ideal for graduates to develop in-depth analytical skills for a long running and successful career in today's fast growing business and management sector. The undergraduate management education focuses on real-world skills for strategic application of management capabilities combined with information technology and character development in preparing every student to compete globally.

The Management Studies Program aims to provide nationally and internationally recognized degrees in management and business to produce graduates with functional management skills, strong entrepreneurial spirit, exemplary leadership skills, high commitment to the pursuit of knowledge and excellence, and innovative, socially responsible, and good team player who is nationalist yet global in outlook and demeanor.


To become a study program that excels beyond national standards by 2028 and is world-class by 2043 in management and business that is strong as the spearhead to produce intelligent, creative, innovative, and religious human resources.


  1. Advancing science and technology in management and business through superior and high quality education, teaching, and learning
  2. Advancing science and technology in the field of management and business through study, research, publication, and patenting of superior and high-quality research results
  3. Advancing science and technology in management and business that can answer the problems and challenges of society with superior and high quality
  4. Carry out screening and cooperation at national and international levels to implement the Tri Dharma of Higher Education
  5. Develop a solid and innovative study program organization by optimally utilizing potential resources so that they can contribute to the intellectual life of the nation and state.

Career Prospect of Graduates

Graduates of the Management Study Program will have skills in various professions, such as business owner, business executive, business analyst, business consultant, sales coordinator, marketing coordinator, product and market analyst, administrative officer, as well as mid-level managers in companies (including manufacturing, services, financial sector, education, e-business). Graduates can also pursue further studies in management and business.

SemesterKodeNama Mata Kuliah (in)Course Name (Eng)SKSECTSTotal
WN10002PendidikanKewarganegaraanCivic Education23,2
WU11001Bahasa Inggris AkademikEnglish for Academics23,2
MN11001Pengantar ManajemenIntroduction toManagement34,8
MN11002Ekonomi MikroMicroeconomics34,8
MN11003Matematika BisnisBusiness Mathematics34,8
MN11004Pengantar AkuntansiIntroduction to Accounting34,8
MN11005Pengantar BisnisIntroduction of Business34,8
WN10001Pendidikan PancasilaPancasila Education23,2
WU12002Bahasa Inggris ProfesiEnglish for Profession23,2
MN12006Statistika DeskriptifStatistics Descriptive34,8
2MN12007Ekonomi MakroMacroeconomics34,82032
MN12008Komunikasi Bisnis dan
Diplomasi Korporat
Business Communication
and Corporate Diplomacy
MN12009Aspek Hukum dalam BisnisLegal Aspects in Business34,8
MN12010Akuntansi BiayaCost accounting34,8
WN20004Agama dan EtikaReligion and Ethics23,2
MN21011Manajemen KeuanganFinancial Management34,8
MN21012Manajemen PerubahanChange Management34,8
3MN21013Statistika InferensialStatistics Inferential34,82032
MN21014Bisnis InternasionalInternational Business34,8
MN21015Manajemen PemasaranMarketing Management34,8
MN21016Manajemen SDMHR Management34,8
WN20003Bahasa Indonesia dan
Indonesian Language and
MN22017Perilaku KonsumenConsumer Behavior34,8
MN22018Etika dan Keberlanjutan
Ethics and Business
4MN22019Manajemen OperasiOperation Management34,82032
MN22020Manajemen StrategikStrategic Management34,8
MN22021Akuntansi ManajemenManagement Accounting34,8
MN22022Sistem Informasi
Management Information
MN31023Manajemen RitelRetail Management34,8
MN31024KMeaunaanjegamnen RisikoFinancial Risk Management34,8
MN31025Pengambilan KeputusanDecision Making34,8
5MN31026Metode Penelitian Bisnis
dan Manajemen
Business and Management
Research Methods
MN31027Perilaku OrganisasiOrganizational Behavior34,8
WU30004Praktek Kerja Lapangan(PKL)Work in Practice23,2
-MK Pilihan: Inti PeminatanSpecialization Electivecourse69,6
WU30005Kuliah Kerja Nyata (KKN)Community Service23,219-2430,4-38,4
-MK Pilihan I: MBKM/SCP
Elective Course I: MBKM/
SCP /In-Depth
FB41002Filsafat IlmuPhilosophy of Science23,2
7-MK Pilihan II: MBKM/SCP II
Elective Course II: MBKM/

Conversion from SKS to European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

Definition of 1 credit in learning
Definition of 1 credit in learning

1 credit is equivalent to 170 minutes or 2.83 hours. Each semester consists of 14 meetings. It means, a total of 39.62 hours per semester is obtained. The provision of 1 ECTS is equivalent to 25 hours. To get a Bachelor’s degree, a student must complete a minimum of 144 credits, that is equivalent to 228.21 ECTS. According to European Standard, 3 years lectures program is equivalent to 180 ECTS, and 4 years lecture program is equivalent to 240 ECTS. The number of lectures at FECD-UNSP is 228.21 ECTS, meaning that it meets European standards.

The Semester Credit Unit load for each course is determined in accordance with the learning process (lecture characteristics) carried out. One semester consists of 14 learning sessions/meetings (14 weeks) and two examinations; Mid-Semester Examination, and End-Semester Examination (UAS).