Message from Rector

Dr. Kurniawan, ST, M.Si, MMPeace be upon you, and Allah mercy and blessings.

Begin with , “In the name of Allah Who is Compassionate, Most Merciful” This noble and sacred teaching from God is often interpreted as limited to intellectual obligations and beautiful words without meaning, only as an obligation of the Shari’a. Then the essence of the perfection of the footing of life when we start, act and act on the basis of love and compassion is hindered by our excessive servitude to the Shari’a.

Our obedience to the Shari’a is not based on our excessive fear of the punishment of hell and not too much hope for heaven, but our obedience is based on our love for the Illahiyah who are the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful.

With full awareness, Nusa Putra is present to confirm the loving and compassionate sentences so that they are always present in every recess of the Nusa Putra people in the three contexts of Nusa Putra trilogy: Gratuity of God, Love of Parents and Charity to each other to achieve complete perfection as human beings.

Illahiyah’s love as a light gift from the Nusa Putra people to keep running the religious law, religion is our need and love is no longer an obligation. Insan Nusa Putra must be sure, let alone that religious people are not difficult to get to the essence so that the rule of law no longer touches justice, religious law is no longer a guide to improving human behavior and rules based on the perception of most people so that the noble values ​​of humanity are lost from our behavior.

Parental love as the strength of the Nusa Putra people to maintain the teachings and noble values ​​of the apostles, ancestors, our parents and teachers and those who were pious before us. How can we as human beings feel what is wrong and what is right, what is right and what is not, which is moral and which is immoral without imitating and imitating the Prophet, ancestors, parents and our teachers and pious people before us.

Love for others as a binding person for the Nusa Putra people to lead a peaceful coexistence in responding to every difference, because God wills for the difference itself. Every person of Nusa Putra must be sure that difference is God’s will, if God wants no difference, it is certainly easy for God. But the reality is that God created many differences in physical, non-physical and life guidelines that are carried out by every human being, for that every member of Nusa Putra must bow down and submit to God’s will.

The collective awareness of the residents of Nusa Putra is the awareness of the Nusa Putra people to prioritize the attitude of Compassion and Mercy in every activity of life so that the intention, action and purpose of anything is solely to uphold the strength of the Most Merciful, the Most Merciful. The change movement that was celebrated by Nusa Putra was human achievement towards perfect perfection, so that humans deserve to be leaders on this earth. Achievement of  Science and Technology solely for the achievement of human beings to carry out the behaviors of religious virtues they adhere to by trying to perfect the behavior of themselves, their families and others throughout time.