History of Nusa Putra University

Starting in August 2002, initiated by Dr. Kurniawan, S.T, M.Sc., MM as the founder, established internet cafes and computer courses named Nusa Putra which are often short on NSP on Jl. Cikole No. 7 PGRI, Sukabumi City. At that time serving the use of internet rent (NSP.Net) which was still rare at that time and a short computer course called the Nusa Putra Training Institute (L2NSP) as the forerunner of the now known Nusa Putra University.

In 2004 moved to Jl. Raya Cisaat No.76 Cisaat sub-district, Sukabumi District. In the same year the Nusa Putra Foundation was legitimately established based on Notarial Deed Number: 16 dated 15 March 2004 with the notary Marah Hasyir, SH, Sukabumi and legalized with registration number No. 38 / Yas / 2004 / PN.CBD Cibadak District Court district Sukabumi.

After officially standing the Nusa Putra Foundation established the Nusa Putra Education Institute (LPI-NSP) to initiate a 1-year Professional education. With the initial establishment, opened 3 departments namely Information Management, Computerized Accounting and Information Engineering. Because of the foundation regulation based on the law in 2006 the composition of the board and name of the foundation were changed based on the amendment to the Nusa Putra Sukabumi College Foundation with Notary Rose Takarina, SH, Jakarta Number: 57 in 2006. Then in 2006 the Nusa Putra Technology College was established ( STT-NSP) through Minister of National Education’s Decree Number 213 / D / O / 2007, the STT Nusa Putra was recognized as a higher education under the auspices of the Nusa Putra Sukabumi College Foundation.

So that the Department of Education developed into several as follows:

  1. Civil Engineering (S1)
  2. Informatics Engineering (S1)
  3. Information System (S1)
  4. Communication Design (S1)
  5. Mechanical Engineering (D3)
  6. Electronic Engineering (D3).

Along with the development and increasing number of students, in 2012 the campus location moved to the campus location, Jl. Raya Cibolang No.21, Cibolang, Cisaat, Sukabumi  PO. 43152, West Java, Indonesia.

On February 2, 2018 officially, Universitas Nusa Putra was established based on the Decree of the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Number: 108 / KPT / I / 2018 concerning Changes in the Form of Nusa Putra Technology High School in Sukabumi managed by Nusa Putra Sukabumi College Foundation. The campus is still the same as the Nusa Putra College of Technology.

At present the University of Nusa Putra has 4 Faculties with 10 Undergraduate Study Programs (S1) and 2 Diploma Three Study Programs (D3). At present the number of students studying at the University of Nusa Putra has reached 2,000 students and has alumni spread throughout Indonesia and various countries.


  1. Management (S1)
  2. Accounting (S1)
  3. Legal Studies (S1)
  4. Primary School Teacher Education (S1)
  5. Mechanical Engineering (S1)
  6. Electrical Engineering (S1)
  7. Civil Engineering (S1)
  8. Informatics Engineering (S1)
  9. Information System (S1)
  10. Communication Design (S1)
  11. Mechanical Engineering (D3)
  12. Electronics Engineering (D3)