Mechanical Engineering


The Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Study Program (S-1) of Nusa Putra University obtained an operational permit on February 8, 2018 along with the Decree of the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Number: 108 / KPT / I / 2018 concerning the Change in the Form of the Nusa Putra Technology College become Nusa Putra University. The Mechanical Engineering Undergraduate Study Program (S-1) of Nusa Putra University develops a branch-based discipline of mechanical engineering with an emphasis on the scientific branches of design, manufacture and energy conversion. These three scientific branches are delivered as compulsory subjects for basic sciences and as elective courses for more specific sciences


To become a provider of Mechanical Engineering education that excels in the fields of design, manufacture and energy conversion, and achieve globally competent position by 2045.


  1. Carrying out high quality education and teaching in the field of Mechanical Engineering in accordance with the applicable standards of education implementation.
  2. Carrying out high quality assessment, research, publication, and patenting research results in the field of intelligent manufacturing and automotive.
  3. Carrying out community service that contributes to the development of new functional products, intelligent manufacturing processes in small and medium industries as well as applying intelligent automotive science.
  4. Improving the quality of human resources in order to be competitive at the national and global level.
  5. Improving the facilities and infrastructure needed to support the implementation of quality Tri Dharma Higher Education.
  6. Establishing cooperation with various parties at the national and global level to increase the capacity of Mechanical Engineering Study Program in carrying out sustainable tri dharma of higher education sustainably.

Career Prospect of Graduates

After completing the Mechanical Engineering Bachelor Program, graduates can have a career as: Machine Learning Engineer, Automation Engineer, Aerospace Engineer, Automotive Engineer, CAD Technician, Research and Development Engineer, Product Design Engineer, Operations Manager, Energy Engineer, Sales Engineer, Quality Control Engineer, Maintenance Engineer, Powertrain Engineer, Instrumentation Engineer, HVAC Engineer, Project Engineer, Project Manager, Quality Assurance Engineer and Technopreneur

Graduate Profile (GP)

Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from Nusa Putra University is expected to have a profession as an Engineer, Supervisor, or Technopreneur in the fields of product design, mechanical engineering, production/manufacturing, quality control, and logistics.

SemesterKodeNama Mata Kuliah (In)Course Name (Eng)SKSECTSTotal
WN10001Pendidikan PancasilaPancasila Education23,2
WU11001Bahasa Inggris AkademikEnglish For Academics23,2
MS11003Fisika Mekanika & PanasPhysics Of Mechanics And Heat46,4
MS11004Gambar MesinMechanical Drawing46,4
Civic Education23,2
WU12002Bahasa Inggris ProfesiEnglish For Profession23,2
2MS12005Ilmu HayatLife Science34,81930,4
MS12007Fisika Listrik & MagnetPhysics Of Electrical And
MS12008Material TeknikMaterials Engineering46,4
WN20003Bahasa Indonesia Dan
Indonesian Language And
MS21009Pers DifferensialDifferential Equation34,8
MS21010Teknik Tenaga ListrikElectrical Power Engineering34,8
3MS21011Pengukuran Dan MetrologiMeasurement And Metrology46,42235,2
MS21013Mekanika Kekuatan MaterialMechanics Of Material Strength46,4
MS21014Metodologi PenelitianResearch Methodology23,2
WN20004Agama Dan EtikaReligion And Ethics23,2
MS22015Matematika TeknikMathematical Of Engineering34,8
4MS22017Proses ManufakturManufacturing Process46,42336,8
MS22018Elemen MesinMachine Elements46,4
MS22019Kinematika Dan Dinamika
Engineering Of Kinematics And
MS22020Mekanika FluidaFluid Mechanics34,8
MS31021Mesin Konversi EnergiEnergy Conversion Engine34,8
MS31022Perancangan TeknikEngineering Design23,2
MS31023Getaran MekanisMechanical Vibration34,8
5MS31025Perpindahan PanasHeat Transfer34,82235,2
WU30004Praktek Kerja Lapangan
Work in Practice23,2
-MK Pilihan: Inti PeminatanSpecialization course69,6
6WU30005Kuliah Kerja Nyata (KKN)Community Service23,219-2430,4-38,4
-MK Pilihan: MBKM/SCP I
Elective Course: MBKM/ SCP I/In-
15-2024 -32
FT41002Filsafat IlmuPhilosophy of Science23,2
7-MK Pilihan: MBKM/SCP II
Elective Course: MBKM/ SCP

Conversion from SKS to European Credit Transfer System (ECTS)

Definition of 1 credit in learning
Definition of 1 credit in learning

1 credit is equivalent to 170 minutes or 2.83 hours. Each semester consists of 14 meetings. It means, a total of 39.62 hours per semester is obtained. The provision of 1 ECTS is equivalent to 25 hours. To get a Bachelor’s degree, a student must complete a minimum of 144 credits, that is equivalent to 228.21 ECTS. According to European Standard, 3 years lectures program is equivalent to 180 ECTS, and 4 years lecture program is equivalent to 240 ECTS. The number of lectures at FECD-UNSP is 228.21 ECTS, meaning that it meets European standards.

The Semester Credit Unit load for each course is determined in accordance with the learning process (lecture characteristics) carried out. One semester consists of 14 learning sessions/meetings (14 weeks) and two examinations; Mid-Semester Examination, and End-Semester Examination (UAS).