Magister Computer Science


Starting in 2002 to be precise in August initiated by Dr. Kurniawan, S.T, M.Si, MM as the founder established an internet cafe and computer course which was named Nusa Putra which is often shortened to NSP on Jl. PGRI No.07 Cikole Sukabumi City. At that time it served the use of internet rental (NSP.Net) which was still rare at that time and a short computer course called the Nusa Putra Training Institute (L2NSP) as the forerunner of the now known Nusa Putra University.

In 2004 moved to Jl. Raya Cisaat No.76, Cisaat sub-district, Sukabumi Regency. In the same year, the Nusa Putra Foundation was legally established based on Notarial Deed Number: 16 dated March 15, 2004 with a notary Marah Hasyir, SH, Sukabumi and ratified with registration number Number: 38/Yas/2004/PN.CBD Cibadak District Court, Sukabumi Regency.

After being officially established, the Nusa Putra Foundation established the Nusa Putra Education Institute (LPI-NSP) starting 1 year of professional education. Due to the regulation of the Foundation based on the 2006 law, the composition of the board and the name of the foundation changed based on the deed of change to the Nusa Putra Sukabumi Education Foundation with Notary Rose Takarina, SH, Jakarta Number: 57 of 2006. Then in 2006 the Nusa Putra College of Technology was established ( STT-NSP) through the Decree of the Minister of National Education Number 213/D/O/2007, STT Nusa Putra is recognized as higher education under the auspices of the Nusa Putra Sukabumi Education Foundation. Along with the development and the increasing number of students, in 2012 the campus location was moved to the campus location which is now occupied as the Nusa Putra University campus. Currently, Nusa Putra University has 10 Undergraduate Study Programs (S1) and 2 Diploma Three Study Programs (D3) and 1 Masters Program. Currently, the number of students studying at Nusa Putra University has reached 2715 and has alumni spread throughout Indonesia and various countries. Nusa Putra University was established based on the Decree of the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education Number: 108/KPT/I/2018 Concerning the Change of Shape of the Nusa Putra College of Technology in Sukabumi which is managed by the Nusa Putra Sukabumi Education Foundation to become Nusa Putra University in Sukabumi organized by the Foundation. Nusa Putra Sukabumi College. Precisely on Friday, February 02 2018, since that day officially Nusa Putra University which is often abbreviated as NPU (Nusa Putra University) was officially established by overseeing 12 study programs, including: Management (S1), Informatics Engineering (S1), Science Law (S1), Elementary School Teacher Education (S1), Mechanical Engineering (S1), Electrical Engineering (S1), Civil Engineering (S1), Informatics Engineering (S1), Information Systems (S1), Communication Design (S1), Engineering Mechanical (D3), and Electronic Engineering (D3).

Departing from being the University of Nusa Putra, the Master of Informatics study program which is the first and only master/postgraduate program owned by the University of Nusa Putra. The Master of Informatics study program at Nusa Putra University was established on October 3, 2019 based on the Decree of the Minister of Research, Technology and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia No. 922/KPT/I/2019. Based on the decree, this study program is declared to have met the minimum accreditation requirements. The Informatics Masters Study Program offers two concentrations that students can choose from, namely artificial intelligence and cyber security. The number of students registered in the Informatics Masters Study Program to date is 45 people (20 students from the 2019 class and 25 students from the 2020 class). Of these, 11 of them are students with foreign citizenship from various regions such as Afghanistan, Algeria, Cameroon, Madagascar, and Pakistan.


Becoming an  Outstanding Master of Informatics Study Program in the Field of Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security at the National Level in 2025 and the World Level in 2040.


  1. Organizing quality education, learning, and teaching in the fields of artificial intelligence and cyber security in accordance with national and international education standards so as to be able to produce human resources (graduates) who have noble, independent, and professional character.
  2. Encouraging and providing facilities for the academic community to carry out innovation,
    research, and publications in the field of high quality informatics so that they can produce scientific contributions that are beneficial to society, either directly or indirectly.

Magister Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security)

1CS1001Artificial Intelligence3
CS1002Computer and Network Security3
CS1003Advanced Database3
CS1004Software Engineering for Business3
CS1005Research MethodologyCivic Education3
2CS1206Mobile Computing3
CS1207Design Analysis Big Data3
CS1208Signal Processing3
CS1209Computational Intelligence3
3CS2215Proposal Thesis6
MK Pilihan Konsentrasi Artificial Intelligence -12 SKS
AI2111Applied Machine Learning & Pattern Recognition3
AI2112Deep Learning for Visual
AI2113Knowledge Representation and reasoning3
AI2114Natural Language Processing3
MK Pilihan Konsentrasi Cyber Security -12 SKS
IS2111Network Penetration Testing3
IS2112Threat Analysis/Security Analysis (Malware Analysis & Reverse Engineering)3
IS2113Cryptography and its Applications3
IS2114Information Security Management (Monitoring)3

Magister Computer Science (Data Science)

1DS1101Advanced Data Mining3
DS1102Big Data Analysis3
DS1103Statistics for Data Science3
DS1104Applied Machine Learning3
DS1105Research Methodology3
2DS1206Data Visualization3
DS1207Business Intelligence3
DS1208Computer Vision 3
DS1209Deep Learning3
DS1210Experiment and Causal Inference3
3DS2211Data Science Capstone Project3
DS2212Thesis – 16
DS2213Thesis – 26