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Study Indonesia


Studies, semesters and application deadlines 

International students studying in Sukabumi,west Java take part in the SIP (study Indonesia Program ) conducted in English. The program includes courses in economics, Social, art, culture and languages. Everyone is welcome to apply for the program. Students also take part in workshops and study visits to local businesses and cultural institutions

Available semesters:


2nd semester 2015

Semester dates: March 2, 2015
Application deadline: February 28, 2015


  • Economy and Business of Indonesia
  • The Indonesian History, Ethnology, Culture and Customs
  • Indonesian Language
  • Indonesian Literature
  • Sundanese Art and Music

The students will also be able to interact with local and fellow international students. Many of the lecturers have an international background and years of experience in teaching in an international setting. 

To whom is the program intended for? 

The goal of SIP program is to increase the students' knowledge of Indonesia and Asia in an international and stimulating environment. The program is intended for students wishing to experience a unique study abroad semester. The students who participate in the program are able to combine academics with a multitude of exotic free time activities and unforgettable experiences that benefit their future. 

The study abroad period will be seen as an asset when entering the job market and competing for jobs later on in life. Find out your home institution about the transferring of credits and how they add up to your degree.

Tuition  : 2,000 US $